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Even before all of these dating sites became popular I was out there looking to keep myself in the game outside of my steady relationship. Some sites you’ll visit, lots of them as a matter of fact, are more glitz than substance. The people who run this dating site specialize in my demographic – guys and gals who are in relationships but looking to fool around on the side. If you are logged in to the site you are there to cheat – plain and simple.We are all cheaters and, for me and thousands of other people, that’s not a bad thing.Because women on there actually take the time to respond to emails.On some of the sites – actually, most of the sites – chicks are too stuckup to respond to email messages from guys that aren’t perfect 10’s. That first email you send a girl on a fling website is very important – doesn’t matter what site you use.

Using these standards we will compare Xpress Cougar Club to it’s proven peers and identify any areas that may point toward the site being a waste of time.

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It should definitely be part of your repertoire, no matter how far you’ve delved into the world of online dating in the UK as of yet.

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It all started with Social Sex.com, which was a fantastic experience with all sorts of sex and hot chicks, and sex with hot chicks. By shear coincidence, the first two fling websites we used ended up being the two best fling websites in the world. After Social Sex.com, we were fairly confident no site would outdo it. In this review, we’re going to share with you all the details about and what makes it such a great fling website. is one of those fling websites that can also be used for traditional dating. If you keep your membership going even after you find a hookup, you can get back on there and look for a girlfriend. We don’t want to make it seem like we’re trying to tell you how to live your lives. They have tons of hot chicks that are looking for nothing more than some good old fashioned adult fun. Because it’s better than every other site…except Social

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