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I always like to watch my shows like it’s not me, just a viewer watching and getting my actual reaction.”As for what she’s seen so far, she says, “I’m just laughing. I think we’re so cute as a couple, and it definitely shows the people we are, so it’s true to our characters...Even though it’s a flipping show, we still have fun.on FYI — she and her husband Jionni La Velle are tackling the real estate market and flipping a house.

But later at the house when Vinny tells Pauly that he is going to get the blow horn to alert Seaside that they have a grenade at the Jersey Shore. (Drunk Punch Love) at Karma that night when Nicole meets him on the dance floor and starts dancing with him right away and soon that's lead to him and her making out and then Nicole takes him home.

She tells that she is moving on to the next and calls Nick, a guy that she really likes. Nicole is not happy that Nick isn’t wanting to go out with her because of the hook up with Juliani the other night.

(Kissing Cousins) when Nicole “Snooki” packs up for her trip Jionni, Nicole’s new boyfriend, is helping her. (Going To Italia) Nicole is freaking out because Jionni is supposed to be showing up today.

“Jionni is one of the most humble, respectful, and most loyal souls I know,” Snooki wrote on Instagram last week after her husband, Jionni La Valle, was linked to an Ashley Madsion account.

“No, my husband didn’t sign up on that website to cheat on me,” she insisted in the post.

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