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The archive reveals pages as they were originally published, with stories, photos and advertising. Years before Melinda French met and married Bill Gates, she had a love affair - with an Apple computer.Today she is living in a gargantuan high-tech mansion on the shores of Lake Washington, married to the richest man in America - and giving billions of dollars away.When she married Bill Gates 14 years ago, she bought into a complex bargain.Here’s a clue: it’s not a diamond as big as the Ritz.Nor is it a super-yacht or an eponymous wing of a New York gallery, although with an estimated fortune of £53 billion, the Microsoft magnate could afford all three and still have enough left for a bunch of carnations from the petrol station.An engineer, he started a family business on the side, operating rental properties."That meant scrubbing floors and cleaning ovens and mowing the lawns," Melinda recalls. When Ray brought home an Apple III computer one day when she was 16, she was captivated.

Jobs invited three software guys: Frank Gibbons of Software Publishing Co., Mitch Kapor of Lotus, and none other than Bill Gates of Microsoft.

‘One Christmas our daughter decided at the very last minute that she wanted a certain toy, but I was out of town with the children so Bill went to the store on 23 December, bought this gigantic plush dog and carried it aloft – all the way to Colorado.’Now there’s an Instagram moment that cried out to be captured; but then the bling-free couple have always been almost disappointingly downbeat billionaires.

It’s a hot September afternoon in Manhattan and Melinda Gates is on the move.

She was growing up in Dallas in a hard-working middle-class family.

Ray French, Melinda's dad, stretched their budget to pay for all four children to go to college.

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