Validating all measures using confirmatory factor

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- Critical reviews advance a field through new theory, new methods, a novel synthesis of extant evidence, or a combination of two or three of these elements.Reviews that identify new research questions and that make links between management and organizations and the wider social sciences are particularly welcome.2) Or there are some types of validity that can be tested with EFA and some that - with CFA? The survey was constructed to measure 6 different constructs, each construct consist of different number of items (questions).3) What is the best solution - which one should be used or both? I am writing a theoretical review of statistical methods that would be used to analyse the survey data.However, CFA is more informative about sources of misfit and potential methods effects.This includes cases of items with very similar wording, or reverse items.They are more controversial than conventional papers or reviews, and can be shorter.They argue a point of view, but must meet standards of academic rigour.

Crosby (1986) ,"Measure Validation in Consumer Research: a Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Voluntary Simplicity Lifestyle Scale", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 13, eds. Lutz, Provo, UT : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 392-397.Please read our guidance below to check whether or not your manuscript is suitable for submission to Human Relations: - Aim and scope - Mission statement - Guidance for contributors - Data requirements for articles in Human Relations - Publication ethics and antiplagiarism checks Please contact the Editorial Office if you have any questions.Aim Human Relations is an international peer reviewed journal, which publishes the highest quality original research to advance our understanding of social relationships at and around work through theoretical development and empirical investigation.The simplest way to categorise studies is with reference to the time sequence in which the input and output are studied.The most powerful studies are prospective studies, and the paradigm for these is the randomised controlled trial.

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