Validating a dtd

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Stylus Studio® automatically detects any changes in the associated DTD, eliminating the need to manually refresh so you know your code will always be accurate.In the following illustration, Stylus Studio®'s real-time syntax checking has reported an error with the element — this element is not defined in its respective Document Type Definition, so it is highlighted in orange during editing, and it is reported in the output window at the time the XML is validated. Create Text File(s Log Path, 1) str Result = vb Cr Lf & Lineof Equals & s Log Path & _ " at " & Now & vb Cr Lf & Line Of Equals & vb Cr Lf f. Close Walk Subfolders(f Spec) Else str Result = vb Cr Lf & "Input file or folder " & _ fspec & " does not exist." Msg Box str Result, vb OKOnly, _ "MSVAL: File or folder doesn't exist" Error Out End If Write EOFSummary ' Reset object variables.In Java, I can validate an XML document against an XSD schema using validation.Dim fso, f, file, folder, filepath, dir, coll Dim fspec, str File Name, short Name, str Result Dim Line Of Equals, str File, str Files, str File Ext Dim Files, Starting Folder, Wsh Shell, str Desktop Dim S, Sub Folders, Sub Folder, proc Files Count Dim xml Doc, state Dim s Log Path 'Set global constants and variables. Special Folders("Desktop") Set fso = Create Object("Scripting. Get Absolute Path Name(File) str File Ext = Right(str File Name,4) Select Case str File Ext ' Process all known XML file types. Folder Exists(fspec) Then ' Executes a 'DIR' command into a collection. For more information, double-click the on your machine to view command help.Const Open File For Appending = 8 Line Of Equals = "=============================================" & vb Cr Lf set Wsh Shell = WScript. File System Object") s Log Path = str Desktop & "\msval.txt" Sub Show Help Wscript. Case ".xml" Validate As Xml File Case ".xsl" Validate As Xml File Case ".xsd" Validate As Xml File Case Else End Select Next End If ' Open the log file and append file list from current subfolder. Open Text File(s Log Path, Open File For Appending) f. Close str Files = "" Set Sub Folders = current Folder. Count 0 Then For Each Sub Folder In Sub Folders str Folder = str Folder & Walk Subfolders(Sub Folder) Next str Folder = str Folder & vb Cr End If End Function Sub Write EOFSummary Set f = fso. File Exists(fspec) Then str Result = Process Stand Alone File(fspec) Wscript. Failed to validate " & _ str File Name & vb Cr Lf & xml Doc.parse Error.reason & vb Cr & _ "Error code: " & xml Doc.parse Error.error Code & ", Line: " & _ xml Doc.parse & ", Character: " & _ xml Doc.parse Error.linepos & ", Source: " & _ Chr(34) & xml Doc.parse Text & _ Chr(34) & " - " & Now & vb Cr Lf End Select ' Create log file for storing results when validatin multiple files. Open Text File(s Log Path, Open File For Appending) f. Set fso = Nothing Set xml Doc = Nothing End Sub Main is not valid Element 'cost' is unexpected according to content model of parent element 'book'. URL: file:///C:/temp/Code: -1072898028 Line: 9 Char: 13 Text: The script can also perform validation on multiple XML files with .xml, .xsd, or extensions.

Stylus Studio® 5.1 fully supports XML document validation based on DTD (in addition to full support for W3C XML Schema) to ensure compatibility with legacy XML systems. To associate any open XML file with an externally defined DTD, click XML Associate XML with Schema from the Stylus Studio® menu. Validating an XML document against its associated DTD is easy — simply click the Validate Document button (the tree diagram with the green checkmark) in Stylus Studio®'s XML Editor, then select the DTD validating parser you want to [email protected], you're right in general, but this is a specific case where the XML is from a limited number of sources, and the documents always specify the schema to which they conform.Moving forward though, I will have to cope with XML that might not specify its schema. There is no 100% foolproof process for determining how to validate an arbitrary XML document.Google pointed me to this, but it seems Xml Validating Reader is obsolete (at least, that's what Mono Develop tells me).Edit: I'm trying Mehrdad's tip, but I'm having trouble. Validation Event Handler = new Validation Event Handler(/*trouble is here*/); Xml Reader validating Reader = Xml Reader.

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