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If your phone’s PRL is up to date, your phone will be in the best possible position for roaming networks.

A Hands Free Activation encompasses both a Profile and a PRL update, as well as a Firmware check on most phones.

In simple terms, it tells the device how to scan for various wireless cell systems, which ones are native, and which priority to use them in.

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A PRL update provides your phone with the most up-to-date info regarding roaming and the roaming network.For some reason it didn't let me finish the option 2 update, so I had to try it again and I just chose option 1 instead and it reactivated my phone while updating the PRL. I have been having 0 to 1 bars for a while here at home and I noticed after the updated PRL it holds on to 2 bars more consistantly. I am having this same problem with my Moto G ( plan).Hands free activation, profile and PRL updates are the most common forms of over-the-air update, and all of these updates are initiated from your phone with either a restart or by selecting the appropriate option in the settings menu.A profile update synchronizes your phone with the network by updating its network access info.

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