Updating fedora core 5

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The resume problem can be fixed by adding "acpi_sleep=s3_bios" to the kernel options in (thanks to Dax Kelson for this tip). The trashed X display seems to be the result of some bad interaction between it and the kernel-level suspend support. Here's the recipe for the fix: I have never felt any need to get the on-board modem working; in this age of ubiquitous Wi Fi and Ethernet it seems like an evolutionary vestige.

If you care, a configuration procedure is described here. There is a good general FAQ covering Linux wireless support here. It includes information on making the X40 modem, Ir DA, and Bluetooth hardware work.

Use these instructions to install the Fedora Core 5 version of GNU/Linux and the software required for supporting a LAMP (Linux—Apache httpd—My SQL—PHP/Perl) server.

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This might be the case if an RPM was purged from latest Fedora and thus not having an upgrade path.I have created these instructions by installing Fedora Core 5 on a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop.Stanton Finley provides a thorough set of Fedora Core 5 Linux installation notes.However, since these installation notes are narrowly focused on setting up a LAMP server, you’ll want to turn to one of the above books to learn how to install and support other capabilities of Fedora Core 5.The ISO images for the installation CDs for Fedora Core 5 can be downloaded from the Fedora Core Download Server or from mirror sites accessible from the Fedora Project site.

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