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By the way, this chick has most contagious (and plentiful) laugh in the business..... You and [your husband] Adam got slammed with hateful comments and criticism about your interracial relationship. It's something I wanted to share with Adam, our fam and friends, and years down the line with our kids. I wanted them to see something more than just us in our wedding attire. I wanted Carolina Herrera because everyone seemed to be going the Vera Wang route. You'll look at that picture and it'll look great forever! I wanted something blue because at Tia's wedding [to actor Cory Hardrict], it was really hard to find something blue. And what's so funny about that, I ended up having SO many things something blue. [Mini-freak out session and laughter ensues] [More laughs] Wait...we're just going to act like you did..skip over it. You seemed to be very stressed during the whole process. But people would say "You're Tamera Mowry--you have a few more G's to kick in." Was it just the stress of everything weighing on you? Just because you have some money doesn't mean you have to spend it. I'm the type of person where--like me and Adam were living in my condo, but we JUST bought a house. So what do you feel about the people like Kim Kardashian and Star Jones who had a publicity circus around their weddings. I didn't want to bring you guys all this way just to not show you anything. [Laughs] We had my favorite Hip Hop dee-jay DJ Big Von from San Francisco. Give us a peek into what a newly married woman feels like. We went straight to our Honeymoon the next morning (in Greece). Get the right bodice, Spanx--you CANNOT leave without your Spanx--it just keeps it smooth and SUCKED in and you look great. Especially as soon as your engagement photos hit the net. I didn't feel like we have put them out--I was just shocked that some people still feel that way. They did a poll recently and 83% of Americans are OK with interracial relationships. And Carolina Herrera exemplifies elegance..I felt like a woman. My good friend Candace Cameron ("Full House") got me THE cutest little dainty blue Cosabella panties that said "Mrs. And Mindy Weiss, my wedding planner, put "I Do" in blue rhinestones underneath my blue shoes! were all wrapped up in what you were wearing that day? You're going to lose your mind if you keep thinking about it! Well, I think because I just chose to keep certain moments of the wedding private, it's just different. And Adam's family, of course, paid for the traditional stuff they're supposed to pay for-- like the rehearsal dinner and all of that. I always wanted to know a bride's thoughts the very next day. What was the very first thing you did the next morning as Mrs. Brush your teeth extra happy...him breakfast....what? Honestly, I woke up the most peaceful I have ever been in my entire life. [Laughs] Another thing is, carry your memories with you of why you two are getting married. I watched Nick Lachey and Vanessa Manillo's wedding and she was emotional too. Teen star Mowry, now 35, married Housely three years ago and since their happy day the couple have been remorselessly attacked by online trolls who reduce the identical twin to an emotional wreck with the strength of their barbs. That's what hurts me, because I've never experienced so much hate ever in my life, ever.'However, Mowry told Oprah that she refuses to bow to the sniping from trolls online and beamed with pride as she spoke of her husband who she married in Napa Valley in May 2011 and 14-month-old son, Aden.

The series garnered Tamera many awards including: NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series two years in a row; Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite Television Actress three years in a row; induction into Kid’s Choice Awards Hall of Fame. While balancing a flourishing career, Mowry-Housley graduated with Honors from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Abnormal Childhood Development.

However, Mowry-Hardrict married a black actor named Cory Hardrict while Mowry-Housely's decision has left people stereotyping her in an unflattering way. I'm proud to be in the relationship I am in because it's based on love.

Mowry-Housely stood up for husband and one-year-old son on the show."I love my husband so much.

Adam Housley, the Fox News correspondent who married actress Tamera Mowry over two years ago, is speaking out against those people who have hurt his wife with racial remarks about their marriage.

While Mowry-Housely is bi-racial, her husband is a white man and the actress turned talk show host of "The Real" revealed that she has encountered some heinous comments because of the union.

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