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So to help you take control of your health, here are the tests every woman should have done in her 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.Many twenty-somethings are guilty of blowing off doctor visits and skipping baseline screenings thanks to a combination of other preoccupations (dating, new job, starting motherhood) and, in some cases, less than adequate health insurance.

:) In honor of this recent holiday focusing on LOVE I thought it might be fun to talk marriage. And because I’ve been married for what feels like forever. ;) We are high school sweethearts who got married young (you can read the story of how we met and fell in love here) so we have really grown up together. ;) Before I get started (and for those of you who don’t already “know” us) you should know that we are complete opposites.

Team building games and activities are useful also in serious business project meetings, where games and activities help delegates to see things differently and use different thinking styles.

Games, exercises and quizzes help to stimulate the brain, improving retention of ideas, learning, and increasing fun and enjoyment.

Go straight to the activities on this teambuilding games page 1. Go to teambuilding games page 2 or teambuilding games page 3.

Employee motivation commonly benefits from suitable and well run team building games, exercises, and activities, including puzzles and quizzes.

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