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Good, one building, two day-tanks, and 50 employees, Mr.

Just when everything seemed to be going well, tragedy struck the company in 1924 when the Black Cat was reduced to ashes by a tremendous fire. This facility was specifically designed for the production of glassware.

Although used, the dinnerware pieces generally show little wear and tear.

Most of the manufacturers listed have gone out of business so their patterns are getting harder and harder to find.

The slogan “In Sight It Must Be Right” refers to the fact that Gus Belt used to bring in a barrel of steaks and grind them into burgers within view of the customers, so they could see that his premium burgers were really made from great cuts of ground steak.

Later in that same year, the company also purchased controlling interest in the Lancaster Glass Company (later called Plant 2) and the Standard Glass Manufacturing Company with plants in Bremen and Canal Winchester, Ohio.

The development of a revolutionary machine that pressed glass automatically would save the company when the Great Depression hit.

The new machine raised production rates from 1 item per minute to over 30 items per minute.

When the 1929 stock market crash hit, the company responded by developing a 15-mold machine that could produce 90 pieces of blown glass per minute.

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