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But try talking about a subject that society deems improper, and doing so openly, in a public forum.

Then you'll likely find that talk can be exceedingly expensive, costing you friendships, respect, community, employment, your well-being, perhaps even your life.

He has made his residence on New York City's Lower East Side since 1980.

In the case of Sprinkle, there was most definitely a career, but it was not one even a society as sex-obsessed as America's would tolerate; porn star was the equivalent of pariah to most Americans.

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And it was straight up pornographic.” Mc Cool says she tried to delicately remind the guy that his applications were visible to all participants, but he didn’t catch on.

” A mute point Timberly Marek, a 32-tear-old IT project manager from Portland, Ore., says she recently led a teleconference when one of the participants — who was working from home — accidentally dropped his unmuted phone in the toilet. Eventually, the splashing and swearing cut out as the phone submerged.

“We were talking about coding and then we could hear his heavy breathing and then all of a sudden, we heard a splash,” she says. “Forgetting to mute is probably where the majority of mishaps come from,” says Mc Cool, who says she’s heard everything from passing gas to crying kids to screaming taxi drivers to snide remarks about speakers during the teleconferences she’s facilitated.

Both are traveling the bookstore circuit, she with her newly published Annie Sprinkle: Post-Porn Modernist (Cleis Press), he with his 1997 collection Resident Alien: The New York Diaries (Alyson Books), and when they aren't busy autographing copies of these tomes, they're on stages, doing what they do so well: talking about themselves. It is their extreme openness about all aspects of their lives that has made the discourse by Crisp and Sprinkle famous and infamous.

What career Crisp can be said to have—he generally claims none, preferring to describe himself as a freeloader and dilettante—has come from his frank discussion of his life and lifestyle, specifically his homosexuality.

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