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So as for ZEN we are now apparently married (catholic style) so no divorce on the cards and we didn't even have a prenup! This is the first forum I have ever joined, that shows how angry I am and I opted for the US edition so hopefully a wider audience? I was very good and I didn't use any curse words it's sooo unbelievable. Forgot to mention, get your software from that way you don't get any "extras". Hi Yes obviously that was my first port of call but as Tech guy said as well it will not remove ZEN. Zen is a 14 day trial and you have to work hard to find the installer without Zen. Is it any wonder people end up using suspicious uninstallers/divorce lawyers? By the way what is a programme called that cannot be removed? Any one out there with answer would be helpful SOLVED Revo uninstaller smashed it (I hope) all seems well. I could kiss you Now I have found a sensible helpful person can you recommend any other free help tools especially an antivirus/security that won't turn me into a nervous wreck. I pointed out to him that perhaps before launching ZEN they should have given access or perhaps even created a removal tool. Remember this is a moving target but the removal tool did remove Zen last month.

If you’ve got your own stories to share of Windows Update errors or your own helpful tips, please be sure to share them in the comments section.Well..i know there have been questions like this one all over su but none have an actual ill just give a cleaner explanation of what i did and how i did it..Well i would give up on AVG if it wasnt the best interactive AV with a good UI...Haven't used Avast ever,back in the old days i had a kaspersky but at the time resources it needed were galactic compared to my 512 ram haha!!

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