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Pay-As-You-Go Vo IP phone service revolutionizes the way people subscribe to telephone service enabling them to pay for when they actually use it.So you get a full featured phone service without a monthly bill.For example, as a residential user, you still need to pay total monthly fee even when you don’t use your phone service at all- like when you are on vacation.And as a business user it doesn't make sense to pay for unlimited calling on phones in the lobby, conference rooms, public areas, or even on desks for users that don't make a lot of calls.Be aware that hotels may charge you extra fees for the call.Canada: 1-866-805-9890 Caribbean Islands: 1-866-313-6672 France: 1-866-634-3843 Germany: 0800-180-0951 Mexico: 001-877-294-9003 Italy: 800-787-986 Trinidad & Tobago: 800-201-7545 United Kingdom: 0808-234-6616 Call 1-817-698-4199 By viewing the Acceptable Use Policy and Visitor Agreement, you will be able to report abuse or violation of the policy.

If you don’t see it, we’re just busy helping other customers. Pay online Call *3 from your Sprint phone to make a payment using our automated system.

With Vo IPVo IP, we charge for what you use, nothing more.

Pay as you Go plan has no connection or activation fees, no weekly or monthly fees, no term contract, no expiration, no hidden charges.

Now also recruiting glamorous TV Chat Presenters to work on UK Sky TV Chat channels - day & nightshow positions available!

I have more time with my family since working here and get paid for having fun. I have spoken to some lovely genuine people and they pay you every week without fail!

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