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With other charges added to the case, the grand total to dissolve the country superstars' marriage amounted to 3.70.Although his cheating is strongly denounced by Blake’s camp as the reason for the divorce, two years ago, Life & Style magazine reported that Miranda found out about an inappropriate relationship with singer Cady Groves back in 2011.Imagine your ex toting his hot (and hugely talented and accomplished) girlfriend to your hometown and high school reunion (Stefani wasn’t in the audience at the CMAs, but she did fly into town with Shelton—which to me means there was probably the possibility in someone’s mind that she could have showed.) and then you have to hit the stage and sing like you’re having a great time. And the hit-maker hit our hearts with an acceptance speech nod to the fact that not all was shiny in her life, “I needed a bright spot this year, so thank you.”Don’t get me wrong, I like Shelton and Stefani and they seem like a cool, well-matched couple.

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Did Blake and Gwen create an awkward situation for Lambert and country fans or are celebrity codes of conduct different? As outside observers, it’s easy to take our own values and experiences and twist them into an inaccurate interpretation of the situation. Television can play tricks on you AND performers are, after all, performers. I’m sure the Shelton-Stefani dating rumors and confirmation colored my perception.In 2013, rumors that Blake had cheated on Miranda started swirling, but they were obviously denied.At the time, he told People Magazine that he and Miranda are going strong and they never go more than two weeks without seeing each other. I say no to the things that might not matter as much,” he said.Still, the attraction between the Texas spitfire and the quick-witted Oklahoman was palpable, and when Shelton filed for divorce from his first wife in 2006, he and Lambert began their courtship in earnest.Here was a couple with far more in common than any dating-site algorithm could match up.

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