Love and dating and heartbreak qoutes epk dating

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You feel like this pain is yours and yours alone and no one could ever possibly understand the depths of your suffering.Part of the reason why I started writing about relationships was because of this lonely post-breakup feeling.We've rounded up 15 Sex and the City quotes about love that stand the test of time — keep scrolling to see them all now, then test your knowledge with our ultimate quiz.

Many spend their entire life nursing the wound, and never daring to love again. It is important that you forgive yourself, and accept the breakup as an important milestone. Life has plenty of wonderful opportunities in store.

If you go through breaking up with the person you love, have faith that life prepared greater surprise for you, everything happens for a reason.

5) “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill.

While some of the quotes encourage you to pick up the threads and start afresh, others help ease the pain.

There is no pain quite like that which follows a breakup.

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