Liquidating credit cards

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How can I get approved for the Balance Liquidation Program from Chase bank?With it you get your payments locked in at a low interest rate if you agree to pay off in full over 60 months/5 years.I am not sure how they currently operate today but the equal payments over 5 years was how they used to be run and probably still are.As far as how you qualify, hopefully someone else can provide an answer because I do not want to provide possibly wrong information to you.If credit card or loan payments have you scrambling for money each month, welcome to the world of doom and debt.

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A key part in turning the tide is eliminating as much credit card interest as possible and paying down the principal.Liquidating your debt depends on how far you overextended your credit.You may be facing job loss, salary cuts or unexpected expenses due to unforeseen events.The cash generated from the sale of nonexempt assets is distributed among your eligible creditors.After your assets are sold and distributed to creditors, you have no legal further obligation to pay these discharged debts, even if the sale of nonexempt assets did not produce enough cash to fully repay the full amount you owed.

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