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There's no word on how the pair's July 29th date went or if it went at all. Educated, mature and professional, there’s a lot to recommend dating a lawyer.After all, it’s incredibly rare to come across a potential match within the dating pool who finds unemployment and six figures of debt sexy.One lawyer, however, was lucky enough to find the rarest of roses in his search for a date — a girl who was so obsessed with the idea of law school that she was turned on by anything having to do with law.This smooth operator even managed to sneak an automatic weekly renewal period into the Agreement so that he’d be able to continue dating this girl for up to three months.From a force majeure clause to severability language, this dating contract has everything a lawyer could possibly want and need to enforce all of his romantic rights.

Of course, none of that is true because I'm not a sociopath. One struggling Don Juan, Esq., was unfortunate enough to have his three page dating contract passed along to Above the Law. (Above the Law mercifully redacted the parties' full names.) They are both Floridians, one from Boca, the other Miami.I can still remember when Party of the First Part and I fell in love.Our eyes met across the court room aisle and I knew he would be mine -- so I drafted a dating contract and got ready to negotiate.In all likelihood your matter will not go to trial.However, experience has shown me that until everybody’s back is against the wall (and in this case the wall is the fear of going to trial), hard and fast decisions are not made.

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