Justin berfield dating anyone

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He doesn't think about the consequences of his actions.

He is a cruel bully who tortures Malcolm at home, even though he defends him at school. A born delinquent and proud of it, Reese isn't afraid to do whatever springs to mind at the drop of a hat regardless of how a bad idea it is, something which he credits to the crazy voice he and all his brothers share.

For his role as the portrayal of Reese, Berfield also won a Young Star Award in 2000 for “Best Young Ensemble Cast: Television.” Caption: Justin Berfield while he was working for Malcolm in the middle and as of today.

But what has the actor of Malcolm in the Middle fame been up to as of today?

What happened to the former king of Frosted tips, Justin Berfield? People loved the teenage role of Justin Berfield in "Malcolm in the Middle" as an actor was only fourteen years old back then.

He purposely got a perfect zero on every one of his final school exams, a feat which is just as difficult to accomplish as a perfect one hundred.

However, in Dewey's Special Class, Reese, realizing that both Malcolm and Dewey are geniuses, decides to find out what kind of a genius he is.

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