Is justin bieber dating demi lovato 2016

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And, before that, one only has to go back to February for yet another social media kerfuffle, when Gomez liked an Instagram video of Austin Swift, Taylor’s brother, throwing a pair of Yeezy sneakers into the trash, which the Internet considered proof that Gomez was picking sides in the ongoing Kanye-West-Taylor-Swift battle of 2016.

All this to say that these days, Gomez’s brand seems to be locked into narratives of friendships and feuds, and whole articles get written about her most passive aggressive non-actions on social media.

On Monday morning, a fan called in to “The TJ Show” on Boston's 103.3 AMP Radio to ask Demi about the current status of her friendship with the "Wrecking Ball" singer. And, you know, she doesn't care what people think, nor should she." VIDEO: Did Selena Gomez Whisper Something to Justin Bieber During Her AMA Performance?!

Demi, 22, was audibly hesitant to answer, mumbling, "Um…yeah…that. Miley's not the only former Disney starlet that Demi is no longer friends with.

If our research is correct (and by research we mean Google FTW!

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Fortunately for Nick, his brother and Demi are no longer putting him in the middle of their drama, as the exes are now closer than ever.

The alleged tweet included a photo collage that read: “Swimming away,” “From your bullsh*t,” “Bye b*tch.” Demi took down the alleged photo, but you can see a screenshot of it right here.

What do YOU think about Demi feeling like Selena’s a “headache,” Hollywood Lifers?

But the “Levels” singer might want to get ready to be Demi’s confidant again now that rumors hint she’s dating New York Giants star, Odell Beckham Jr., 23!

Demi Lovato may sing about giving her heart a break, but she definitely doesn’t take too much time off when it comes to her relationships IRL.

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