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If you want to be a surgeon, but you get grossed out by blood - you can't be a surgeon!

If you want to be a pilot, but you're scared of heights - you can't be a pilot! ") Concise - short, sweet, and to the point ("Step up to the edge of the box!

But by 2031, the forecast from the Office for National Statistics says, the ranks of the never married will swell to 22.1million - 42 per cent of the adult population - and more than the 21.6milllion total of the married.

The married population will amount to 41 per cent of all adults, down from 49 per cent now.

At present, there are around 21.7million husbands and wives in England and Wales against 14.9million adults who have not married at any stage of their lives.

Witnesses saw him put something over his hands – either a hand pack to give him more oomph to his punch or brass knuckles; we never found out for sure. The back of my head collided with the concrete, making a terrifying thud that sounded like death. Since your life is at risk (see Rule 1), you don’t have time to be a nice guy. You must smash the other person with absolute resolve. Why should you only fight unless it’s like or death? Instinct and a desire for blood overwhelmed my conscious desire for my safety. (The wolf must be fed.) I immediately went after him. The wolf that lives inside me and that must constantly be retrained took control.So, this week's Tech Tuesday topic is: Goalkeeper Communication. : 1) To prevent goals and shots 2) To increase confidence in yourself and in your team (encouragement) 3) To control the game tempo 4) To maintain team shape, offensively and defensively I will often hear coaches, parents, and players say "we need to talk more on the field".What if I told you there was a way to limit shots and goals against without any physical preparation? Yes, communication is crucial to being a successful goalkeeper.

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