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Prasad claims that the Police has no right what so ever to interfere in any meeting to be held by a political party.The NFP states that the Public Order (Amendment) Act gives freedom to political parties and other organisations to hold meetings without the need to obtain a permit from police except when the venue is a public place like parks and roads.Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho says they will not respond to any political statement.Qiliho adds that members of the National Federation Party is more than welcome to lodge a complaint with their Internal Affairs Unit at Headquarters.The majority of police officers are competent professionals who recognize the boundaries of their authority and are diligent in following proper protocol in questioning citizens and respecting their rights.There are instances, however, where an officer may violate the rights of an individual either through misunderstanding, frustration or outright hostility and you will need to retain a lawyer.It may cause physical injury, mental stress, anxiety, or insecurity. Tell someone if you are being bullied or harassed, or know someone who is, and if it is because of disability, gender identity, race, religion or sexual orientation.

“15 police and a sniffer dog arrived at Club 77 last night storming the venue, 0 arrests were made, 0 drugs were found,” Bicket wrote. A bad taste in my mouth for over the top policing, a loss of income, and a pissed off promoter.

For example, if the officer had probable cause to believe you may have committed a crime, your arrest is most likely proper, and you will have no legal recourse.

It is of no consequence if the facts the arresting officer relied on turn out to be false as long as the officer reasonably believed them to be true at the time of your arrest.

NSW Police have been slammed on social media after a raid on William Street venue 77 that’s been described as unnecessarily “intimidating”.

In a post that’s been shared close to 3000 times on Facebook, Club 77 owner Matty Bicket described how 15 police officers and a sniffer dog entered the long-serving club on Saturday night, searching numerous guests and 77’s headline DJ, who was barred from the club and prevented from playing his set.

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