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But Scots seem to be fighting back,” said Susan Mc Phee, CAS’s head of policy.“Our figures suggest scams are on the increase in Scotland, but also that people are getting better at reporting them.

We are here to help anyone who has been ripped off by a scam, but also people should come forward and tell us about scams.

In January alone there were around 2.5m first dates, as singles rushed to find love before the 14 February deadline and the prospect of another Valentine's Day with just the TV, the cat and the pizza delivery boy for company.

According to Edinburgh matchmaker Margot Medhurst, whose dating agency Yours Sincerely has around 650 single people from across Central Scotland on its books, first dates are a minefield to be crossed with caution."I always suggest that people should keep their first date fairly short, over a glass of wine, a coffee or a weekend lunch, because it's a lot to ask of someone to spend a whole evening together trying to keep a conversation going.

“We need to work together to raise awareness of fraud and stamp it out.”One victim of a dating website scam was a man from the west of Scotland who met a woman via an agency.

The woman claimed to live between Stockholm and America.

Soda, which launched last month, is billed as a social dating app that encourages individual users to meet up in person, rather than first spending hours exchanging virtual messages on often banal subjects.Police Scotland said there had also been in an increase in rapes where the victim is asleep, with the most common location for all rapes either the victim’s or perpetrator’s home.Figures published last week show Police Scotland recorded 1,755 rapes in 2016/17, an increase of around 2 per cent on the previous year.It is not the first time police have warned women about the dangers associated with online dating.Previous Chief Constable Sir Stephen House warned his officers were increasingly forced to deal with relationships which began in “virtual space” but had “quickly deteriorated” when the couple eventually met in person.

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