Dating people shy

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When it comes to meeting in person there is still some preparation that can be done to improve your confidence and conversation skills.

Overcoming shyness is a realistic goal if you look at it the right way - there is no need to become the king of linguistics or the master of confidence, just going up to someone and having a down to earth conversation is a great step for many shy people, plus there are just as many negative traits in a person who talks to much as there are in people who rarely speak.

The best thing about dating other shy people is that you can work off of one another to develop your social skills.

When dating very outgoing people, it's much more difficult because they usually have no problem with talking and are more than able to pick up where you're lacking in the conversation.

But there are also others who like to interact with the opposite sex but just do not know how to.

Shy people are always at a disadvantage trying to set a date with someone they are attracted to.

So small things such as smiling, keeping eye contact, asking questions, using open body language, being interested in what the other person has to say and having opinions (without being overly opinionated of course!

) that you can offer to the conversation are all things to keep in mind.

Here are some tips for shy people that may help improve their dating success.Be aware of perceptions Sometimes being shy can be mistaken for being arrogant, aloof, dismissive, bored or even boring.So it’s a case of being aware of how you potentially can come across to other people and being conscious of what you can do to avoid this.Be prepared Shy people are just as interesting as everyone and have just as much to say but when placed in situations where we feel on the spot or uncomfortable, it can lead to us clamming up and making it seem like we have nothing to bring to the table!So have some conversation starters up your sleeve that you can turn to if you become a little overwhelmed.

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