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The show, which was based on a standup routine, stars the lanky, goggle-eyed Merchant as Stuart Pritchard, a gawky Brit trying to navigate L. During its one season run in 2013 it was the kind of comedy you watched through squinted eyes, fingernails planted firmly between your teeth. The series came to a close Saturday with the 80-minute special .

It was funny, depressing, discouraging, and horrifyingly accurate in its depiction of L. It was an edifying experience, one that taught us plenty about life, love, and how not to talk to potential romantic interests.

If we meet a dater we don't think you'll fancy meeting, we'll say 'No thank you' so you don't have to.

On our first real date, we shared cigars and Scotches in a dark, red basement bar in Manhattan with the windows steamed over from the cool fog outside. During one of his trips here, after seeing a show at the back of Meltdown Comics on Sunset Boulevard, he became distant and quiet. Ditty was my first companion after relocating from Michigan to Los Angeles.

Chivalry Is Dead But Mind Games Are Not Stuart abides by a set of dating rules that are as rigid as if they were inscribed on a stone tablet: waiting three days to call after a date, playing hard to get… It seemed his quest to hook up with a model had ended when he dated a “regular” girl.

Their brief courtship was nice while it lasted, but with his not-so-smooth approach to women Stuart eventually blew it.

Instead of finding people he truly likes, he chases women who have no interest in him while trying to prove how great his life is.

He ends up looking pathetic and fake, giving Angelenos a bad name.

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