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You may know him from Top Chef season three or the show’s All-Stars edition, but Dale Levitski is much more than a made-for-TV cook.The accomplished restaurateur sharpened his knives in Chicago (where he had two restaurants of his own) before moving to Nashville in 2014 to take the helm of Sinema, an eclectic restaurant and bar housed in a historic former theater.The amount of ideas from all the different movies is amazing. We’re not making cartoon food: We’re making great food.The three dishes that we did turned out pretty spectacular. We talked about a bunch: Redoing spaghetti and meatballs with —you can go really fun with that one. On , I did a veal thing with some french toast and a puree. And when you take 16 crazy control freaks and you put them in a tent by themselves for five hours a day, they're going to go crazy! Preparing savory foods, you're like, 'I'll add a bit of this or that.' What's the biggest lesson you learned from being on the show? I'm making them for my girlfriend's birthday, for 50 people. It's a distillery diner that distills it's own vodka and whiskey. I used to also get recognized on the street a lot for a good six months after the show was over.

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In 1997, Mackenroth went to work for Tommy Hilfiger and then designed for Levis Slates brand.

His fashion illustrations have also been featured in Nylon, Elle, and in ad campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger and Sushi Clothing.

In 2008, Mackenroth also had a cameo appearance in the Sex and the City movie as "Hot Guy #17." at the Masters level.

On October 15, 2008, Mackenroth unveiled a custom-designed wedding gown crafted entirely of condoms as a visual reminder of the importance of safer sex and correct, consistent condom use for San Francisco's Project Inform.

After Project Runway, he graced the covers of many magazines including re Fresh, POZ, HIVplus, and Gloss.

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