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In this exciting part 2 episode on the Deep State, Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt’s interview former Canadian diplomat, UC Berkeley professor and author, Peter Dale Scott.

Scott coined the term “Deep State” and has been writing about it for 50 years.

Related: Tim Ferriss's Favorite Productivity Hacks Ferriss, who lives in San Francisco, is in Los Angeles for the week to tape a new TV series, Fear(less) with Tim Ferriss, essentially a televised version of his popular podcast. Turner Broadcasting shot 13 episodes only to shelve the series before it aired following a back-office shakeup.

Use TSA Precheck and Global Entry to evade the sock-footed Forced March of Doom, but arrive ludicrously early anyway and spend a few hours working in the airport lounge to avoid unnecessary stress. I have followed approximately zero percent of this program when I arrive bleary-eyed and a few minutes late at a Santa Monica steakhouse for an audience with the superman of self-improvement.In this exciting episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Former Assistant US HUD Secretary and Solari Report publisher Catherine Austin Fitts for an in depth interview on the dangerous and complex moves of the Deep State in their manipulation and pressure on a divided Trump administration and shadow conflicts in Syria and North Korea.Fitts sees a small, powerful group controlling the narrative and beating Neocon war drums as a way to save their failed experiment of a Global Corporate Technocracy that has run into popular resistance on the ground in the resounding populist backlash of Trump’s election.Bringing versatile players on tour gives a coach so many extra options when picking his party.For example, the case could be made for taking just one specialist full-back, Stuart Hogg, given that Anthony Watson, Liam Williams and Simon Zebo - all predominantly used on the wing by their countries - can all cover the last line of defence.

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