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Telling the tale: In a follow up video to the incident posted last week Shiann explains that she had to shut off the video so she wouldn't be forced to delete the footage, but adds that the insults didn't stop there The woman then granted her permission on the basis that she didn't try it on and also allegedly went on to say that Shiann 'clearly didn't fit' the men's extra-large sweater she was carrying and, when Shiann tried on the sweater anyway and told her that it fit just fine, the woman began arguing with her.After asking the employee to repeat her instructions about 'not stretching' the clothes so others could hear, Shiann informed her that she was discriminating against her, to which the woman replied that what she was doing was 'company policy'.

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It is simple, we will pick a random peer for you to talk to somewhere in the world. You never know you may find someone like you in our private chat room.I'm not trying to be impertinent or anything,' the woman says before seeming to notice she is being filmed.Shiann then puts her camera away to avoid being asked to delete any of the footage.Aside from the discrimination aspect of the story, Shiann also claims that the woman didn't clean up the change room before letting her in and even asked Shiann to bring back the previous customer's clothes after using the room.'Jacob's face went from "I am your overlord and master human" to "what the actual hell are you doing human",' said one user.

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