Batch optimistic updating

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The latest update to JPA, Java Persistence 2.0, adds a number of newfeatures such as additional O/R mapping functionality and new query language capabilities.

Another area thathas been enhanced in JPA 2.0 is locking and concurrency.

The difference between this component and JDBC component is that in case of SQL the query is a property of the endpoint and it uses message payload as parameters passed to the query.

by Carol Mc Donald The Java Persistence API (informally referredto as JPA) provides a plain old Java object (POJO)-based persistence modelfor Java EE and Java SE applications.

It handles the details of how relational data is mapped to Java objects, and itstandardizes Object/Relational (O/R) mapping.

Data is spread across various structures (table rows, index nodes), and database records can be read and written by multiple concurrent users.

From a concurrency point of view, this is a very challenging task, and, to get the most out of a persistence layer, the data access logic must resonate with the underlying database system.

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