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The clip will be based on the horizontal gravity: a left gravity will clip the right edge, a right gravity will clip the left edge, and neither will clip both edges.

Additional option that can be set to have the top and/or bottom edges of the child clipped to its container's bounds.

To discover these theme-only style attributes, look at the are style attributes that are effective only when the style is applied as a theme to an activity or app.

See the next section for information about applying a style as a theme.

Available units are: px (pixels), dp (density-independent pixels), sp (scaled pixels based on preferred font size), in (inches), and mm (millimeters). May be a string value, using '\;' to escape characters such as '\n' or '\uxxxx' for a unicode character; Related methods: If set, specifies that this Text View has an input method. May be a boolean value, such as " If set, causes words that are longer than the view is wide to be ellipsized instead of broken in the middle.

May be a fractional value, which is a floating point number appended with either % or %p, such as " Determines the minimum type that get Text() will return. Note that Edit Text and Log Text Box always return Editable, even if you specify something less powerful here. If set, specifies that this Text View has a numeric input method and that these specific characters are the ones that it will accept. It will be a textual one unless it has otherwise been specified. You will often also want to set scroll Horizontally or single Line as well so that the text as a whole is also constrained to a single line instead of still allowed to be broken onto multiple lines. If set, the text view will include its current complete text inside of its frozen icicle in addition to meta-data such as the current cursor position.

May be a dimension value, which is a floating point number appended with a unit such as " used for, typically, account ID or password input.Also, one more important thing is that you might have seen that I am passing a put Extra to Service class as Extra("receiver", result Receiver); where result Receiver is the instance of My Result Receiver class that extends Result Receiver.We will get the put Extra in the Service class and use the same instance to send data from Service to Activity using send public class My Service extends Service So, simply we are getting the put Extra of Result Receiver's instance using result Receiver = Parcelable Extra("receiver"); inside on Start Command() to use it further for sending the data to Activity.After that you can change your locale by using the buttons or any other method that you provide to your users through your layout.For your reference, I added a sample project on github which can be found here.

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