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Application Listener Collection.class org.apache.wicket.

Behavior Instantiation Listener Collection.class org.apache.wicket.

If the radio button is on a form I think you should use the Form Tester class: For an example of an Ajax form submit test you can take a look at: Form Submit htm method in a parent test case, which worked for his situation, but not for my need, as it assumed the request parameter id was the same as the full component path.AJAX components and behaviors shipped with Wicket expose one or more callback methods which are executed when they receive an AJAX request.One of the arguments of these methods is an instance of interface org.apache. Using Ajax Request Target we can specify the content that must be sent back to the client as response to the current AJAX request. Non Resetting Restart Exception.class org.apache.wicket. Request Listener Interface.class org.apache.wicket. Restart Response Exception.class org.apache.wicket. Runtime Configuration Type.class org.apache.wicket.

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