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(ADF tadpoles have external gills, but they lose them and develop lungs when they grow up.) African dwarf frogs also like to spend most of their time on the bottom of whatever body of water they live in (including their tank when in captivity), but they have to surface frequently to breathe.Another thing to remember is that even though they spend their whole lives in the water, African dwarf frogs are not strong swimmers.

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The Matterhorn Lounge is the perfect place to be for dancing the night away all season long.When this amphibian is first spotted you may be unsure whether you have found a frog or a toad, but there are some very distinctive characteristics which enable you to tell them apart.Frogs have more slender bodies, smooth skin and jump or hop, whereas toads have more bulbous bodies, dry warty skin and tend to crawl.Nomore, 39, is quoted as saying: 'I rushed home and was shocked to see a frog … At the hospital they confirmed she went into labour but were equally shocked.'Despite receiving medical attention, the baby later died at Gokwe District Hospital, according to local news website, The Herald.Shocking pictures show the tiny body lying on a piece of paper on the ground.

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