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Stop in to see our store fixtures department with our large inventory! View our Displaysat Work flyer Follow @atworklondon “As long as we are erring on the side of serving others, I think we can’t go too far wrong.” – Rodney Lover Lovers at Work Office Furniture is solidly established as the leader in office design and furnishings in Southwestern Ontario.

Having designed and outfitted complete office spaces for some of the most recognizable companies and organizations in the region since 1983, Lovers at Work has a reputation for excellence in their field, both anticipating and meeting their clients’ needs.

Call Lovers at Work Office Furniture today with your office furniture needs or to schedule one of our team to meet with you at your office!

Since our start in 1983, the Lovers at Work Office Furniture team has been focused on outfitting commercial buyers with tremendous value and furniture solutions that work well.

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