9 simple rules for dating russian women

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In Russia there is no problem for a man to marry if he wants to, and the fact that a man has not been married may be a sign of disorder.

So Russian women don't see anything wrong if a man is divorced.

Russian women are surprised that many foreign men are never married in their 40's or even 50's.

What is worrying them, it's if everything's alright with those men - mentally, physically and sexually.

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Furthermore, American women are not the default standard set by God for how all women should be, and thank goodness for that too. Out of them all, only ONE of them is eager to move to America (or perhaps Italy, she says). Do you really think that 1 out of 115 constitutes a majority?

However, this common myth is completely wrong, and I will demonstrate this from every factual angle. Before I begin though, remember that Americans are not the standard to compare the rest of the world by.

Just because people in other countries are different from here doesn't mean that they must have ulterior motives.

For them it's more natural when a divorced man says he is not happy with American (western) women, and this is the reason why he looks elsewhere.

If you never been married, how do you know that you don't like western women's position towards marriage?

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